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I started making memorial collages after we lost our beloved Shih Tzu, Elfie.  My pain was so great I couldn’t think about him without crying.  When my friends started

losing their dogs, I put all my love into creating memorial collages for theirs.  It helped me heal by helping others heal after their loss. 


It is my wish, and hope, that a memorial collage will fill your heart with memories that make you laugh, as you cry and heal from your loss. A celebration of a life is the truest flattery there is.

If you’re looking for CUSTOMIZED COLLAGES and QUALITY in GRAPHIC ARTS, look no further.

I don’t use templates; therefore, your images are never forced to fit into any space.

Multiple sizes can be used.  Anything printable can be used in your collage whether it’s a napkin

from your wedding or a map from your honeymoon.  Names, dates, poems,

quotes or even a cartoon can be included!  EVERY concept is an ORIGINAL.

Whether your IMAGES will grace a wall, or become one of a variety of other creations,

it will ALWAYS be UNIQUE.  You will NEVER see anything like it in ANY store or another home.

Choose a square, rectangle or heart shape and I’ll create a collage you will be proud to give as a gift or hang on your wall!



For every referral resulting in a purchase, you will get 10% of their purchase toward your next purchase.

I will create a first draft and send it to you for approval.  You may make any changes you wish and return it to me.


I will continue this process until you are satisfied.

Elfie was our cherished Shih Tzu. When we brought him home, he fit in the palm of my hand. We didn’t know it then, but he had been born with renal dysplasia, and never would have the energy of a normal puppy. One day when he was still young, he started sitting up with his front paws out. We always said he was “sitting pretty.” He must have liked that pose because he was always in it.


Elfie never had very much energy, but he loved to play ball if we did everything. Even though we did all the running he would tire quickly and need a nap. You could tell what time it was by the sunspot Elfie was sleeping in.


Elfie loved to go for a ride in the car, especially if the car was headed to Canine Capers. Although, he was sickly, you

never knew it on grooming day. He was ready to jump out of the car before it came to a stop.


Grooming day meant play day for Elfie. He didn’t care how big or small they were, he just loved to play. He played so hard he wore himself out and needed two days to recuperate. Playing was the thing Elfie loved the most.


Elfie also loved to take walks. He pulled John down every street, refusing to go in any direction he didn’t want to. He just sat down and refused to move.


Elfie loved everyone and was loved by everyone in return. He even loved the mailman. He looked forward to the mailman coming every day because Dennis always took a few minutes to talk

to him. He also loved going to the Abbott Road Animal Hospital where everyone loved him in return.


His vet, Dr. Galluch said “Elfie was like a shooting star, shining so bright for such a brief time."


~Jenine Morning Dove



Personalized collages made from

your pictures, poems, quotes, and verses